Beer Club

beer2_smlYou asked for it and here it is, The Oxford Wine & Beverage Co. Beer club. The massive interest in our Wine Club have left our beer drinkers feeling a little slighted. The word got back to me that there was some unhappiness from the beer side and unless I developed a beer club, there would be a full force boycott by our beer customers. What could I do? I gave into the pressure. So here it is,

Oxford Wine & Beverage Co. Beer Club.

By customer request we are introducing our new Beer Club for those of you who like to sample different beers. The beer club works much like the wine club in that for a monthly charge of $20 we put together 12 beers, 2 each of 6 different styles. A write-up will be included each month describing each of the different beers.

How do I sign up for the club you ask? Stop by the store or send us an email requesting to join the beer club. Leave us your name, email address and phone number and you are in. How easy is that? At the beginning of each month you will be notified by email that your beer is in. You will receive your beer along with a write-up with tasting notes for each of the beers.  You pay for them when you pick them up. No prepayment, special handling or shipping charges here. Here is the best part, you can get in or out of the club with one months notice. It’s easy and affordable, sign up today!!!

Cheers, Dean