image009Tired of that everyday coffee you get from your local grocery store? Oxford Wine & Beverage Company carries upscale premium coffees from the “A Bean To Go” Located in Goodrich Michigan. These are the freshest, highest quality gourmet Arabica coffee beans on the market today. And whether they’re exotic, blended, dark roasted, or flavor-enhanced beans, you can be sure you’re buying the best coffee beans available. And don’t be shocked at how affordable the price is. Try it once and we’re sure you’ll become a regular.


Coffee Available in Regular and  Decaffeinated

Columbia Superbly  Balanced with Hints of Caramel & a Nutty Aftertaste
Costa Rica       Rich, Hearty, Well-Rounded Flavor with  a Natural Sweet Aftertaste
Sumatra Mandheling   Full Body, Smooth, Strong Earthy Flavor
Kenya AA  Full Body, Smooth Wine Flavor with a hint  of blueberry
Signature Blend       Full body, Robust snap with a smooth  after taste