Wine Club

You asked for it and here it is, The Oxford Wine & Beverage Co. Wine club. Many of you have been involved in other Wine clubs from California and I agree, this is a fine way to get exposed to wines but:

  • Are you really getting a good price on that wine?
  • Are you at home to accept the wine when it gets there?
  • Is shipping really free?

I know the problems with belonging to such a program because I too belonged to a wine club before getting into this business. I think we can all agree that there are some pretty great wines available to us here in Michigan and If you can get them and save money at the same time, well that’s a bonus for you.

What you get with our wine club:

  •  Each month you will receive 6 bottles selected specifically for the club members.
  • These wines will very in retail price but you can be assured the total retail will far exceed the amount you paid.
  • You will receive tasting notes and a food pairing guideline for each of the wines.
  • Each of the wines will be reviewed with you when you pick them up. We are there to answer any questions you have.
  • Flexibility –  We are small enough to tailor the club to you –
    • Do you only want red or white wines?
    • Do you want to be in the club every other month?
    • Do you want to alternate club levels each month?
    • Are you going on vacation next month and want to sit the month out?
    • Get out any time you want. There is no contract or term.

Here is how it works. Whether you are a Gold ($120/mo) or a Silver ($60/mo) member, we will put together six bottles of wine for you each month and accompany that with tasting notes and food pairing for each of the wines. We take into account the time of year when selecting wines. That said, you may receive more white wines in the summer months than you would in the winter. November and December you will receive wines that will pair well with Thanksgiving and Christmas diner. We like to expose you to highly rated wines at affordable prices. Isn’t that what it is all about?

Who should take advantage of being in our wine club?

  • Anyone who wants to save money on very good wines.
  • Anyone who wants to expose themselves to different styles of wines.
  • Anyone who wants value and flexibility (get in when you want, get out when you want).

How do I sign up for the club you ask? Stop by the store or send us an email stating the type of membership you would like (Gold or Silver). Leave us your name, email address and phone number and you are in. How easy is that? At the beginning of each month you will be notified by email that your wine is in. You will receive your wine along with a write-up describing the tasting notes as well as food pairings.  You pay for them when you pick them up. No prepayment, special handling or shipping charges here. Here is the best part, you can get in or out of the club with one months notice. It’s easy and affordable, sign up today!!!

Cheers, Dean